3-Day Spring Rejuvenation April

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3-Day Spring Rejuvenation April


Workshop Partipant Fee for April dates at Roots & Wings of Natick.


Saturday, April 8th 1:30-3:30 "Vinyasa + Intro to Ayurveda" 

Sunday, April 9th 9am-10:15am "Kapha Crushing Vinyasa Flow (if available, looking for morning class)

Monday, April 10th 6:30-7:30pm "Rest & Digest"

*Dates/Times are subject to change. In the rare event a class needs to be cancelled/postponed, a make up date will be offered.

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Join Yoga instructor, Lauren Turner for a 3-Day course designed to help you transition from winter to spring and feel a cleansing in body, mind and spirit.

A specially curated 3-Day Meal plan has been created for this 3-Day Rejuvenation. Lauren has thoughtfully designed a program guide with simple recipes that allows for individualization, whether you'd like to follow a traditional Ayurvedic cleanse with kitchari, or prefer meal options better suited for a modern American palate. 

At the two-hour opening session, participants will join in for a warming all-level 60 minute Vinyasa Flow followed by a introduction to Ayurveda.. You'll learn some basic principles of Ayurvedic wellness, including why there is a focus on wholesome, balanced meals that encourage natural restoration within the body, instead of other "detoxes" that leave you hungry and depleted. 

In addition to two other in-studio yoga classes, participants will be given access to exclusive video content to support their Spring Rejuvenation, including a 10-Minute At-Home Flow, instructional videos and other daily tips and inspiration to keep you motivated.

By the end of the final day of the cleanse, participants should feel rejuvenated and energized as they head into the season of Spring.


  • 2-Hour Orientation class (60 min Vinyasa Yoga followed by Intro to Ayurveda lecture)
  • 1 75 Minute "Kapha Balancing Vinyasa Flow" Class
  • 1 60 Minute restorative class with meditation & reflection
  • 3-Day Ayurvedic Meal Plan with recipes
  • Grocery Shopping List*
  • Online access to exclusive content from MindfulGlutton.com
  • Daily text support from Lauren as need
  • Optional post-cleanse video conference call for participants to share their experience, ask questions and provide feedback

Does not included:

  • Cost of groceries/supplies