health goes beyond what you eat; it’s how you nourish the rest of your life
— Lauren Turner

About Me

I'm a yogi, wife, home-cook, suburban gardener, a bit of a crazy-chicken lady and brand-new mommy located just outside Boston.

Mindful Glutton

I started Mindful Glutton as a food blog in 2013 to share my passion of cooking and curate some of my favorite recipes. My goal was to share lots of great, mindful recipes to support everyday healthier eating.

I spent most of my life overweight, never making any contentious choices about food, and my health suffered for it. Desperate for change I drastically overhauled the way I ate and began to introduce fresh produce into my diet. That summer I joined a farm share which exposed me to dozens of new vegetables, forcing me to try new things. Bombarded with new things I had never tried, I started getting creative in the kitchen, trying and developing lots of new healthy recipes. Combining healthy eating with a fitness regiment, I had nearly lost 30 lbs by the end of the year. Realizing how important it was to fuel your body with nutritious food, I was inspired to start this blog and share that message with others.

It took me a couple years how to eat healthy and nourish my body, but what about the mind and spirit? I believe in a holistic approach to health that goes beyond what you eat, but how you nourish the rest of your self. For me, that is yoga for the mind and nature for the spirit and I wanted to talk about it.

Mindful Glutton wasn’t just an approach to eating (healthy meals for the glutton at heart); it was an approach to life. How do you find balance while enjoying life to its fullest?